Name: Katie McGrath
Birth name: Katherine Elizabeth McGrath
From: Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland
Date of birth: 3 Januay, 1983
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark
Height: 5’5

  • Has a tattoo on her back that says “purity”
  • Has 2 brothers
  • her parents are called Mary and Paul
  • Loves comic books
  • Fave drink is diet coke
  • When stressed baking calms her down
  • Worked under costume designer Joan Bergin on the set of The Tudors
  • Went to St. Andrews College in Blackrock, Dublin to study International Baccalaureate. She, then, joined Trinity College in Dublin to complete her graduation in the subject of history
  • She is a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan and collects Star Wars figures
  • First job was a receptionist in a Tattoo and Piercing Studio
  • Admits that at first she hated being photographed